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Whether you know it or not, when you’re driving through a neighborhood you always notice the houses with the classic white picket fence. Of course, your own home will have your desired look, the point is that having a well maintained and fresh looking fence brings outstanding curb appeal to your yard and home.


Painting a fence is the easiest way to increase your property’s curb appeal, no doubt. Not only does it instantly refresh the look of your home, but it can also help to extend the lifetime of your fence. If you’re on a tight budget and aren’t ready to paint the whole exterior of your home, painting your fence is a great way to refresh curb appeal.


Leaving your fence unfinished is a recipe for disaster. If you’ve recently installed a wooden fence and have not applied a finish, it is crucial to apply a finish. This process is important because untreated wood will break down quickly and not look appealing at all. Once moisture gets in the wood, it can twist, warp, and crack as it reacts to the moisture leaving your fence in terrible condition in just one year after the seasons have changed. Don’t forget, exposure to sunlight breaks down wood over time, and combined with moisture can make it leaves the opportunity wide open to wood-decay fungi and wood rot.

We recommend either painting or staining your fence to get the best look and use out of it. Painting gives the ultimate level of protection for wood. With the Great Dominion Painting experts, we use the right paint that can last for up to 10 yeas in some cases. This is the best at protecting wood from both moisture and sunlight.

Staining allows you to display the natural grain of the wood. This allows a more aesthetic look. Quality stain soaks deep into the wood, filling up gaps that would otherwise soak up moisture. Stain provides some solid resistance to moisture, yet paint has proven to be more effective over time. Due do the properties of stain, it also doesn’t provide much protection from sunlight. Stain most likely requires reapplication every 3-4 years, which means you’ll likely need to reapply the stain more often than you would with paint.


For a quality paint application that will last quite a long time, a wood fence needs to be power washed, scrapped, sanded, and primed for a smooth finish. Remember, to keep a clean environment, we lay down drop sheets to protect the surrounding area.

The application process for the paint is different, depending on the type of fence and paint.  Metal fencing should also be scrubbed it down with a wire brush. Oxide primer or rust inhibiting primer should then used on metal fencing, while regular exterior primer is used on wood fences. 

Stain can be applied for wood fences with a brush, while paint is applied by either spraying, brushing, rolling, or a combination of these, depending on the condition and environment. Our Great Dominion Painting experts always take the safe steps and carefully clean up, making sure to pick up any paint chips or other debris.


At Great Dominion Painting, you’ll receive a personalized and detailed proposal that clearly outlines our services and the total cost of your paint job. We give you an up-front, exact price—you won’t end up with add-on costs you didn’t know about, and the work will be finished on schedule agreed upon. Zero surprises here! 


Nothing is more important to us than getting the job done right. We’ll do a final walkthrough with you while the paint is drying to make sure no touch-ups are needed, then we’ll provide a full clean up once you sign off on the work. The next day, you’ll receive a follow-up call to ensure you’re satisfied with everything.

Ready to hire affordable painters without sacrificing quality?

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Ready to hire affordable painters without sacrificing quality?

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